Smart Biomass products are creating new opportunities for businesses who want to make better use of their food waste disposal in Italy.

Once processed, every 1 tonne of coffee pellets has a sales value of €320.00.

I prodotti Smart Biomass stanno creando nuove opportunità per le aziende che vogliono sfruttare meglio lo smaltimento dei rifiuti alimentari in Italia.

Una volta trasformato, ogni 1 tonnellata di pellet di caffè ha un valore di vendita di € 320,00.



Businesses can save money on waste disposal costs through our coffee recycing service.


By recycling spend coffee with us, businesses achieve greater sustainablility.


80% less CO2 emissions than sending grounds to landfill and 70% less than sending to Anaerobic Digestion.
Ease of disposal

Spend grounds are easily segregated from other waste streams, making disposal and renewal by bio-bean a simple solution.


Once processed, every 1 tonne of coffee pellets has a sales value of €320.00.

Saves Deforestation

Using Coffee pellets saves trees.


Smart Biomass are leading the movement away from fossil fuel and tree derived biomass through other plant based, waste biomass from food production. We have over 10 years experienced in both biomass combustion systems and biomass production systems and infrastructure. Our products are designed to integrate seamlessly, replacing wood fuel biomass products and in doing so this slows down deforestation while also utilising food waste.

Amongst our products are Coffee Pellets and briquettes, straw pellets and other waste derived products whilst we are also developing liquid bio fuel extraction from food waste.

We aim to become Italy’s largest recycler of waste coffee grounds, trying to capture the 400,000 tonnes of waste coffee before it goes to land fill our other poor forms of disposal.

Our products are designed to save carbon deposits, are made from recycled materials that otherwise would be wasted and are typically used for both domestic and commercial heating.

If you regularly drink coffee, have you ever thought of how you can make an impact by actively recycling the waste? Every cup of coffee contains around 11g. If you support us, this helps us tackle the growing tide of coffee waste and offsets your own waste production. See more in our crowdfunding page to see how you can help….


Smart Biomass Products are committed to manufacturing ecological products for easy transition for heating purposes. We manufacture pellets and briquettes for use in domestic heating stoves, furnaces and fireplaces..

COF-FIRE Coffee pallets

Available in :
  • 15kg Bags
  • Pallet (70 x 15kg bags)
  • Bulk Bag 1000kg


Available in:
  • 15kg bags
  • Pallet (70 x 15kg bags)
  • Bluk Bag 1000kg


Available in :
  • 15kg bags
  • Pallet (70 x 15kg bags)
  • Bluk Bag 1000kg


Available in :
  • 10kg boxes
  • Pallet (100 x 10kg)

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